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Senior Full Stack Engineer
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



At POWERSHiFTER, we deliver brilliant digital solutions that put people first. We believe that organically fostering an environment based on equality, trust and transparency will generate great ideas.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


At POWERSHiFTER you'll work directly with a group of engaged team members for our industry-leading clients. We listen, absorb, tinker, discover and build upon objectives to shape project direction and craft widely used applications.

Position Overview

We are looking for experienced Full Stack (JavaScript) web developer(s) to join us. If you have proven experience in the Frontend, Middle-end and Backend of the JavaScript ecosystem, please apply here.

This is either a full time job or a contract position

This role is based in Vancouver or remote (3 hours +/- Pacific Standard Time)

What You'll Do

  • Collaborate in project planning, providing estimates and risk assessments.
  • Representing a well rounded front and backend perspective in technical design sessions, brainstorming and client meetings
  • Participating in development review and handoff meetings
  • The ability to communicate in a team environment and with non-technical project stakeholders
  • Work closely with developers to ensure seamless integration and delivery of views , interfaces and data. 
  • Mentoring team members, providing thoughtful feedback and direction, as appropriate
  • An empathetic approach to coding, providing clean, readable and maintainable work. 
  • Optimize code for reusability using atomic or modular design paradigms, as per best practices
  • An appreciation for functional programming paradigms
  • Leading/participating in technical design and architecture, as needed.
  • Implement unit testing and integrate into continuous integration tools as needed and directed
  • Version work appropriately using git and github
  • Seek peer review on work before submitting to testing
  • Test all work on local environments
  • Reviewing pull-requests as needed
  • Write unit and end to end tests
  • Diagnose performance issues with code created by others and provide workable solutions and improvements.
  • Fixing code and other issues in QA and regression tests.
  • Writing and maintaining project and technical documentation
  • Ensure delivered interfaces and applications are responsive (mobile first), rendering as designed across required devices and browsers utilizing principles of progressive enhancement and/or graceful degradation
  • Ensure delivered work is compliant with accessibility standards and best practices
  • Environment and server set-up.
  • Build management and CI delivery pipeline configuration/management.
  • Use systems and administration knowledge of Linux and other Unix-like systems to tune and optimize applications through scaling, caching, and other mechanisms.
  • Unix server administration and modern environment setup, automation, and application containerization
  • Web security


What You Need

  • 6+ years of programming experience in a professional environment
  • Expertise in Vanilla JavaScript/ES6 (Node), and at least one other language and related frameworks (PHP, Ruby/Rails, Python/Flask, #C/.Net, Java/Spring)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of wireframes and how they describe an interface 
  • Ability to navigate design outputs (Sketch/Figma/Invision)
  • An eye for detail when translating design to code, in HTML, CSS or component-based frameworks
  • Technical data experience such as:
  • Database design
  • SQL: Postgres, MySql
  • NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Data Security
  • Technical cloud/server experience such as:
  • MERN, LAMP stacks
  • Traditional CMSes, WordPress
  • Headless API CMSes like Contentful, Content stack, Strapi
  • Cloud Services
  • AWS Cloud Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Services (GCP)
  • Azure (MS)

Bonus Points 
We use most of the following tools and solutions when building our products. If you have any of these experiences we’d love to know! We’ll of course give you an opportunity to learn if you don’t.
  • TypeScript
  • NextJS or Isomorphic server side rendering 
  • Mobile build pipelines with a specific bend to React Native
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • Worked with other backend language and related frameworks
  • Node JS based or MERN stacks
  • PHP/Symfony/Laravel
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Python/Django
  • #C/.Net
  • Worked with one or more of the following CMS
  • Contentful
  • ContentStack
  • Strapi
  • Drupal
  • Worked with backend-as-a-service platforms
  • Heroku
  • Firebase
  • Understanding of GraphQL or Apollo Client/Server
  • DevOps experience

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